Settle Your Dispute Online With the Help of an Attorney Mediator

Many disputes, whether already in court or not, can be settled immediately without the delay, missed work, or expense of litigation.

Here are just a few disputes which have been resolved online:

  • Debt related disputes  
  • Breach of contract,
  • Security deposit disputes,
  • Landlord tenant disputes,
  • Neighborhood disputes,
  • Defective products and property damage
  • Family disputes,
  • E-commerce disputes,
  • Workplace disputes, 
  • Contractor disappointments,
  • Broker disputes
  • Partnership disputes. 
  • Divorce property settlements
  • Personal disputes that would never end up in court but are keeping you up at night.

If you are filing a small claims suit you must first make a demand for payment. When you make your demand tell the other party you are willing to mediate before you file suit.